About Caroline Hörchner


Caroline Hörchner is an 3D artist experienced and specialized in making bronze statues

The work consists mainly of figurative statues, ranging from hand size to life-size statues.
Her knowledge of anatomy and skills to make portraits developed in her long career.

Her bronze statues


Caroline made many bronze statues. Both in handheld formats as in life-size formats.
Next to that she also creates busts, commemorative medals, and portraits out of bronze.
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Every assignment takes time to complete but some take so much time one can call it a project.
Caroline was sometimes busy for months to finish an artwork.
A few of these projects are described and enriched with photos.
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Teaching the techniques in her profession to others has always been a constant factor in her life.
It is possible to request a workshop in claying and modeling for groups and individuals.
She gives workshops for young and old, beginners and the more advanced ones.

Contact or call: +31(0)6-49838460

From clay to bronze (Van klei naar brons)

Caroline shows how a bronze statue is made from scratch. First we see the creative start with modelling the clay.
After that Joep, also an artist, starts the transformation from clay to bronze in the bronze foundry Bogart in Druten.

You can order your own unique statue

It is possible to request your own bronze statue. Think about a gift for a loved one or family member, a wedding anniversary, a commemorative statue of a deceased for instance for in the garden or on a grave (weather proof). Submitting a few photographs is sufficient. Posing is not necessary. It can stay a surprise.

Public Authority and companies (businesses)
You can turn to Het Kunsthoff to request the creation of a bronze statue.
Think for instance about a monument, city decoration, a statue near you company's entrance or in the entrance hall.

I invite you to contact me to discuss what is possible by calling +31(0)6 49838460.
My experience of many years with this kind of assignments may help you to get to efficient results.

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