Please find below several high profile art projects

1. The Falcon Warrior
2. Rockband "Normaal". (Soon available)
3. Navy monument. (Soon available)
4. Willem van Oranje and Anna van Buren. (Soon available)

De Falcon Warrior

In the early morning of Thursday 22 August 2019 the bronze statue of the "Falcon Warrior" was officially revealed on the army base "Oranjekazerne" in Schaarsbergen in the company of representatives of the 11th Airborne Brigade.
This statue represents all man and women wearing the Red Beret. The ceremony was accompanied by a pipe-sergeant who played the official tune of the Brigade on the "moment supreme".


Jeanette Jansen and Caroline Hörchner worked together on the creation of the statue for several months.
The project needed special attention considering the details of the gear and uniform. The statue was going to wear the new to issue outfit that would become standard soon.
For this purpose a Red Beret from the Brigade was visiting several times with the new outfit and stood model for the two artists.


Caroline is busy with the modeling of the wax into a wax statue that later on will be transformed to bronze.


Specially skilled workers, from the bronze foundry Bogart in Druten, are preparing the wax statue for transport.


Artists Jeanette Jansen and Caroline Hörchner are posing next to their creation
(Thursday 22 augustus 2019, Schaarsbergen)

  • Caroline busy modeling
  • the human model next to the statue in progress
  • This is how the weapon should be held
  • We are getting there.... up to the foundry
  • Transport preparations in progress.
  • At the foundry: Several bronze parts are prepared for assembly.
  • At the foundry: the statue will look a bit like this
  • At the foundry: the torso
  • The battle gear is also bronze now
  • The statue is hollow as you can see
  • Caroline and Jeanette are doing the finishing touch
  • How else... the statue arrives at it's destination by air.
  • Hidden under a parachute it waits for the revealing ceremony
  • Finally "Show time"
  • The details are inspected
  • The Falcon Warrior
  • Jeanette Jansen and Caroline Hörchner next to their creation

You can order your own unique statue

It is possible to request your own bronze statue. Think about a gift for a loved one or family member, a wedding anniversary, a commemorative statue of a deceased for instance for in the garden or on a grave (weather proof). Submitting a few photographs is sufficient. Posing is not necessary. It can stay a surprise.

Public Authority and companies (businesses)
You can turn to Het Kunsthoff to request the creation of a bronze statue.
Think for instance about a monument, city decoration, a statue near you company's entrance or in the entrance hall.

I invite you to contact me to discuss what is possible by calling +31(0)6 49838460.
My experience of many years with this kind of assignments may help you to get to efficient results.

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