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Caroline Hörchner


Caroline Hörchner is an 3D artist experienced and specialized in making bronze statues

The work consists mainly of figurative statues, ranging from hand size to life size statues.
Her knowledge of anatomy and skills to make portrays developed in her long career.

At the start of the creation process the statues are shaped in clay or wax using models or photographs.
The next step is to transform it into bronze. This transformation is a process with the use of molds and hollow models of casting wax. After clean drying in an oven, melted bronze is casted in.
Next treatments called embossing and patination are applied to give the statue it's final appearance.

" It is always nice to see your creation being delivered and revealed at the customer's location"


Expressive artist Caroline Hörchner (1961)

Caroline graduated at the Academy of Expressive Arts in Amersfoort in 1986

1987-1989 Teacher Kunststation Leerdam
1991-1993 Foundry Steylaert
1994-1997 Aruba teacher in arts
1998 Exhibition Lausanne Switzerland
1999 Exhibition Weinstrasse am Rhein Germany
1999 Exhibition Artihoven Bergschehoek
1999 Millenium Collection
2000 Statue of Willem Van Oranje Buren
2009 Monument Schaduwen Van Licht Den-Helder
2014 Statue Prinscarnaval “ Krutjesrapers” Son en Breugel
2018 Statue Rockband ‘Normaal” Hummelo
2019 Falcon Warrior Schaarsbergen
Till now Orders from companies and individuals


Contact ?
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You can order your own unique statue

It is possible to request your own bronze statue. Think about a gift for a loved one or family member, a wedding anniversary, a commemorative statue of a deceased for instance for in the garden or on a grave (weather proof). Submitting a few photographs is sufficient. Posing is not necessary. It can stay a surprise.

Public Authority and companies (businesses)
You can turn to Het Kunsthoff to request the creation of a bronze statue.
Think for instance about a monument, city decoration, a statue near you company's entrance or in the entrance hall.

I invite you to contact me to discuss what is possible by calling +31(0)6 49838460.
My experience of many years with this kind of assignments may help you to get to efficient results.

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